Prayers of the Bible

2 Chronicles 6:10 says, As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing, as poor yet making many rich, as having nothing yet possessing all things, as I am standing before you today, I know I have the grace to make people millionaires even if “as poor, please listen to me, listen to what God is saying , and you will just discover that you will not struggle, as long as you listen and make up your mind to do grace will locate you. The Lord spoke to me saying, “Teach them the prayers of the bible, if I did it for Abidjah, if I did it for Asa, if I did it for Moses, Aron and Miriam, I can do it for them, I am not a respecter of persons”. So I made up my mind to go through the prayers of the bible and I am going from scripture to scripture to show you that these things be true. Today I am going to be look at one of our dear fathers, brother Jacob who was later called Israel, in Genesis 32:9-12 you will discover this man’s prayer, desperate prayer, after he deceived the, brother took his blessings ran away to Leban’s house, served and became a very big man the Lord called him and said to him “Jacob go back to your father’s house”, now when he was going he remembered that when he left Canan his brother was looking for him to kill and if he cross this river and the heart of his brother Easu is not changed then he and his family will perish. He was so desperate and he prayed a prayer that we are going to study today. Four thing he prayed for in verses 9 to 12.

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