Prayers of the Bible (Pt 2)

From his prayer, firstly, Remember God’s covenant relationship, if your prayer is going to have effect, if your prayer is going to have power, if your prayer is going to be efficacious, if your prayer is going to work, if heaven is going to back your prayer you must remember God’s Covenant, remember whom he is, remember he is the Lord that keepeth covenant and he doesn’t change. The man in dire situation said “Oh God of my father Abraham”, he knew the God he was calling, “the God of my father Isaac, the God that said to me” that means this man was in relationship, he knew who he was praying to, Job sad “I know whom I have believed”, Daniel said “They that do know their God”, Paul said “I am persuaded”. Anybody that had a testimony, anybody that had tasted of God’s faithfulness, anybody that is in covenant relationship will never be defeated. As small as David he said my king when I was small and I was leading my fathers cattle a lion came and attacked me and in the name of the Lord I killed it, a bear also came and I smote him so who is this uncircumcised philistine, the same God who has been with me and was with me in the wilderness and in the field, that same God is with me here, he will not abandon me. When the people of God know that their God is with them, he will not fail them. When situations rises up they will call on God and he will answer them, is see God answering you today.

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